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Say it!!

August 23, 2015
 I sat back one day and thoughts began to flow.
When my brother was preparing for National Service after the university, I used to say jokingly that he would go to serve at the farthest place possible: Maiduguri! It happened.
When he was preparing to wed, seniors used to tease me that I would also be on the floor, prostrated to ask for the hand of his wife in marriage. I used to say jokingly that I would be in suit. Hence, I would stretch out my hand for a shake and won’t be able to lie flat on the floor. When the time came, I had exams  in the university. I finished a paper on the Friday and raced back across 80 km to attend the traditional ceremony. I was in shirt and trousers, coming from an exam! When my dad saw me, he called me to himself and told me to get someone to take me home to wear something more appropriate. I said okay. Instead, I went to stand at the back to watch the ceremony! Daddy did not know I had another exam at 8 am the next morning; I had only one or two hours to spare! So, I did not prostrate!
Sometime ago, I had to go to another city to see someone. While away from home, I began to feel feverish. It was not a small matter. I called my doctor who told me she won’t prescribe any drug till I had come for a test. The next morning, I got on the way back. I told her I would come straight to the hospital to have the test done. It took me about 2.5 hours to get there. I was feeling so feverish, I had to do something. I began to say to myself, “By the stripes of Jesus I am healed and sickness cannot stay in my body. Malaria parasite dies out in Jesus’ name.”
Two and a half hours of that and I got to the hospital. My blood sample was taken while I went to take lunch. Long and short, the test revealed no malaria parasite and I went home smiling, with the fever clearing progressively! Eureka!!!
That was the last time I went to see a doctor for treatment!
I see that while it is good to ensure that nothing negative proceeds out of our mouths, it is equally important to say the good things we want to see…by the authority the Almighty has given to us in Jesus!
I no longer wait to feel feverish. I say want I want to see, and by God, I’ve been seeing what I’ve been saying!
Jesus spoke to inanimate things (e.g. the fig tree; Mark 11:12+) and they heard. So why not us?

From → a better you, God

  1. JjF permalink

    Jesus said it all, ” O ye of little faith!” May He in His infinite mercy increase our faith to be able to command the (a) mountain to be removed.

  2. mathias permalink

    …….Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of.(Lk9:55) Incidentally, I just spoke about this topic during the week. Our natural person most often tends to suppresses this Spirit within as a result of fears or doubts. It’s divinely designed for us to naturally live by the fruit of mouth or spoke. God bless you sir.

  3. That’s right! Decree a thing and it shall be established. . . anything it is good or bad; good is good.
    If you don’t see it before you see it, you cannot see.
    I’m encouraged.

  4. Reblogged this on Nifesimi Okeyide and commented:
    Be encouraged!

  5. permalink

    Inspiring as usual. You can compile all your articles and publish it as a book. Just thinking…. Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone. From: Lanre Fatokun’s BlogSent: Sunday, 23 August 2015 01:20To: salawuidris79@yahoo.caReply To: Lanre Fatokun’s BlogSubject: [New post] Say it!!

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    lanre posted: ” I sat back one day and thoughts began to flow.  .  . When my brother was preparing for National Service after the university, I used to say jokingly that he would go to serve at the farthest place possible: Maiduguri! It happened.  .  . When he was”

  6. Olajumoke Badmus permalink

    Thanks Bro, for the reminder!!

  7. Jumoke Akinwale permalink

    Life and death are in the power of the tongue and those who love it shall eat its fruit.May God give us the courage to always say what God is saying concerning our lives in Jesus name.

  8. Words. Spoken words are powerful. Unto us they become life or death…
    Thank you for the reminder.

  9. Oluwatobi Adedayo permalink

    Thanks for sharing Remi. The Word of God is real and never fails

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