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Architects of History

18th January 2015

Once someone referred to a much older man. He said, “He’s so old that in his school days, history was called current affairs!”

Well. We often think that history was made by great men! I think that no one is born great but in time, each proves his/her worth. Architects of history are never fixated on their own needs. There focus is on how they could foster the good of all. They are not required to be perfect…but selfless.

No matter what Nelson Mandela got wrong, his selflessness and sacrifices overwhelm them. No matter what Obafemi Awolowo got wrong, his policies are the foundation upon which some good things in Nigeria are built today. If Charles Dickens never wrote Oliver Twist, thousands more of hapless orohans would probably have died. If Dr Stella Adadevoh did not hold Ebola back with her life, Nigeria would have been pillaged; Nigerians would have travelled , and everyone would have been hit somehow. Aliko Dangote doesn’t appear to be ambitious for wealth at this stage; I think he is expending his capacity in building Africa.

As we begin to write on the blank canvas of 2015, let us look away from ourselves.

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