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How far?

June 9, 2013

How far?

That obviously is a phrase peculiar to Nigerians! However, I am writing from another perspective.

I heard about an Englishman who served as a missionary in East Africa from 1981 to 1991. He taught English at a local secondary. In 1981, he had an offer to teach in the Middle East for £2,000 a month, but he chose to teach in East Africa for £60 a month . Yes, £60 a month! No electricity, no running water, etc.

Feels eccentric!

Great sacrifice!

However today, his very first convert in East Africa has planted about 300 churches!
Now £2,000 pales into insignificance in the face of fulfilment!

How far could I go to please my Master who has enlisted me on His team?
How much could one sacrifice to find fulfillment?
How far could one go to bring glory to the Name of the Almighty God!?



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  1. Atidamilola permalink

    As far as the master leads…


  2. jjF permalink

    This is down-to-earth doing the Lord’s bidding of Laying up Treasures in Heaven where moth, thieves etc cannot invade. Accepting Stg 60 per month when he could have rushed to take 2,000 paid off, he indirectly won very many souls for the Lord and he is sure to have the crown of righteousness, which the Lord promised those who do His bidding.
    Thanks for giving us the opportunity of revisiting the issue of laying up treasures in Heaven.


  3. Something to think about… Something to pray about.


  4. tolu okeleye permalink

    hmmm! Very deep and thought provoking. God help us to plunge into this depth in Jesus Name, Amen. Thank you Lanre!


  5. Adeyemi permalink

    Hmmm! Great sacrifice indeed.


  6. Mo' permalink

    Hmmmm…deep o!


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