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Baba Kere – A Living Lesson

January 23, 2012

Today 16th October 2011, I remembered our
gardener of decades ago, Baba Kekere.

He started work in our compound in 1988.
I saw him last in 2005 at another side of Ibadan, doing what he knows best – gardening!
He had lost speed to age.

Today, I wonder why he chose to remain a gardener for all his life without any big dream! E.g.

He could go off salary, and do contracts.

He could have his own flower gardens and sell flowers!

He could have a riverside garden and sell vegetables.

Why dint he dream!?

But then, I felt in my heart that I, like him, am tarrying at my profession without a big dream, patiently rising through the ranks, climbing a ladder that leads nowhere.

Baba Kekere was always out of cash before month end.
Just like me.

There were many things he desired, which he couldn’t acquire.
Just like me.

He must have started his profession in his 20s.
Just like me.

I guess he remained twenty-something on the inside, till his body told him the truth: YOU ARE OLD!
Is there a lesson to learn from Baba Kekere?

Aren’t we comfortable with NO-BIG-DREAM?

Haven’t we observed that we are all “twenty-something” inside?
Are we all waiting for that same right wind before we sail out?

Is there nothing, absolutely nothing that we can do right now?

‘Lanre Fatokun
October 2011


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One Comment
  1. give thanks permalink

    This is classic.
    All around us, yet we don’t see it!


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